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About Bullogic

Bullogic is armed with one mission, "Trade Smart Win Smart".  Our goal is to expand and spread our trading knowledge to our readers.  Through greater knowledge we can all achieve greater profits.  The first step is the creation of The Option Prophet.

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December 23, 2013

Best Gift Ever!

Give the gift that keeps on giving! The Option Prophet makes for a great gift this holiday season. We just closed out our December portfolio securing a 39.49% return for 2013, and we did all of this with 0 losses to our account. Now that is a gift that keeps… Read More

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November 14, 2013

How Are You Getting Ready for Retirement?

Retirement is a big issue that could determine how you spend the later part of your life. Most people have their retirements in mutual funds that do very little but generate revenue for the fund managers. Stop letting people take control of your future! It is… Read More

October 27, 2012

Best of Bullogic 10/27/12

As said all around Bullogic, our main goal is to teach traders how to TRADE SMART WIN SMART.  Any trader can get lucky and score a couple of wins, but when you learn how to TRADE SMART you can consistently extract profits out of the market.  That is why it is… Read More

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